4 Things to Consider About Home Remedies for Dental Care

February 20, 2020

Taking care of your teeth is easy and you want to try some home remedies to keep them clean. Is it a good idea to avoid the typical toothpaste and dental floss routine in favour of a more natural cleaning? Here are some home cleaning techniques for your teeth and considerations you need to think about.

1. Using Baking Soda to Whiten Your Smile

While baking soda is traditionally something that you have lying around the house to bake with, should you be using it on your teeth? Baking soda can help clean your sinks and freshen the smell of your refrigerator but you should avoid using it directly on your teeth. Baking soda can harm the enamel and open your teeth up to cavities. If you are wanting a baking soda clean, try using a store-bought toothpaste that contains some baking soda to help keep your mouth sparkling.

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2. Lemon Juice to Clean and Refresh

The smell of freshly cut lemons is hard to resist but when it comes to using lemon juice directly on your teeth this is a no-no. Lemon juice is great on a hot summer’s day when added to your favourite iced tea or incorporated into a cool refreshing lemonade, yummy. However, the acid in the lemon juice can change the PH balance of your mouth. Using pure lemon juice to clean your teeth will upset the natural environment of your oral cavity and is best avoided.

3. Tongue Scraping to Remove Bacteria

Your tongue harbours a ton of bacteria and is often the jumping-off point for nasty bugs to adhere to your teeth. Bacteria is one of the major causes of tooth decay so to avoid a build-up of these microbes, you should try a tongue scraper. A tongue scraper can gently remove some of the bacteria from the surface of your tongue. Using this device is a good idea but don’t be too aggressive because you can harm your tongue and cause damage to it.

4. Charcoal to Whiten and Brighten

Did you ever think you could put some black paste into your mouth and end up with whiter teeth? Activated charcoal is a trend in teeth whitening and is being used in various forms. Be cautious when experimenting with this type of cleanser because charcoal is a mild abrasive and can weaken your enamel. Currently sold in many stores and online, charcoal toothpaste may or may not be good for your teeth – the jury is still out!

Whatever you do, just remember the best way to keep a healthy oral cavity is to brush twice a day and floss regularly. Always visit your dentist for regular appointments to ensure you have something to smile about.

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