Gum Coloured Fillings

We Offer 3 Type of Fillings 

Tooth Coloured Fillings

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Our team at Cambrian Dental wants you to have healthy teeth, feel comfortable with your oral health and happy about the aesthetics of your teeth. We offer tooth-coloured fillings for a natural look that you can smile about.  
When do you need a filling? Fillings are required when you have a cavity that causes decay. Decay is painful and we don’t want you to be in pain. Why do cavities happen? Cavities are caused when sugars and acids rest in your mouth forming an erosion of your teeth. Fillings prevent decay from going deeper into your tooth structure and restore this damage. 

We provide you with composite tooth-coloured fillings when you come to our dentist office for oral healing.
Aftercare Instructions
Learn more about aftercare following your dental filling treatment. 

Composite Tooth Coloured Filling

This is the filling that closely matches your original tooth colour making it unseen to the naked eye. We often use these fillings if your teeth are fractured, damaged or you just want to remove gaps and repair chips for a cosmetically appealing look.  

We clean out the area where the filling will be and place the material, a composite resin made out of acrylic plastic, into your cavity or onto your tooth to set. When we fill the hole, it stops further bacterial spreading. Tooth-coloured fillings restore up to 95% of your original tooth strength. The filling is easy to repair if damaged. These fillings are safe since they do not contain any mercury like a silver filling would. We care about your time and perform this type of filling in an hour.

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For longer lasting fillings we suggest coming to the dentist  for a cleaning and exam twice a year, brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing every day and eating a diet of healthy foods. 

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