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Have you lost your teeth? Do you feel pain every day in your mouth and have oral health issues? Stop worrying and come to Cambrian Dental today where we provide you your best oral health for a pain free, naturally beautiful smile. Dentures may be a good option for you to gain back your natural looking smile. Visit us at Cambrian Dental for a free consultation to find out if you are a good candidate for this treatment. 

Dentures are artificial teeth and gums replacing lost or removed teeth and teeth with serious pain and oral health issues. We custom design dentures so they fit your mouth and teeth providing you with many options. 
Aftercare Instructions
Please be reminded that your mouth will be going through changes while you are adjusting to your new teeth. Having a denture in your mouth can be overwhelming at first. Please read more about our aftercare instructions. 

Denture Styles

Partial and Full/Complete Dentures 
While these have the same qualities, partial dentures replace a few teeth whereas full dentures take the place of all your teeth on the top or bottom of your gum line. Full dentures are held in place by a suction or oral adhesive. 
• Generally made of hard resin 
Easy to chip or crack and wear down quickly compared to regular teeth so best to have them replaced every 5 years 
Made out of a similar resin to artificial teeth or a more flexible polymer, the supporting structure of dentures that holds in the artificial teeth and resembles your natural gum line fits snuggly on your organic gum line 
Improves your appearance and supports the structure of your mouth around the cheeks and lips
Not permanently fastened; can be taken out for cleaning and sleeping 
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Immediate Dentures

Disposed when permanent dentures are ready to be put in
Created before your teeth are replaced or removed
Used straight after tooth extraction and worn during healing
• Easily refitted, accommodating mouth changes and swelling of gums and jaw 
Alternative to traditional dentures that feel extremely uncomfortable or you have only a few natural teeth left
Fitted over the roots of your natural teeth, resting here or on dental implants if you have no natural teeth  
Easily removable 

Denture Stabilization 

Anchored by dental implants

Do you have dentures and find it difficult to enjoy a meal or have a conversation without discomfort? Are your dentures slipping around in your mouth, making it hard to talk, eat and chew normally? The professionals at Cambrian Dental can help you get the comfort you desire with denture stabilization. 

What is denture stabilization?

Retrofitting your existing dentures with snap-on attachments fitted on dental implants.

What are implant supported dentures?

Implants are inserted into your jawbone to prevent bone tissue loss. When attached to your implants, your dentures provide better functions of your mouth. You can choose to have removable dentures or permanently fixed ones.
Benefits of denture stabilization:
More comfortable than traditional dentures

Prevents facial shape changes due to jawbone recession

Avoids painful chewing sores from traditional dentures 

Excellent for a lower cost option compared to paying for multiple individual implants

How do you know if you are a candidate for dental implants?

If you are missing teeth and still have enough jawbone then you are likely a great candidate for implant supported dentures. 

Your dentist will offer different treatments based on a comprehensive examination of your jaw. Cambrian Dental specialists will take x-rays and 3D images to make sure the procedure is right for you.

What is the next step?

After your consultation, follow up appointments and recommendations, you will be ready for a new set of teeth. The procedure can be performed in one day. Any necessary tooth extractions will be done, then dental implants are placed in an arch in your mouth and your set of esthetically pleasing dentures are attached. After the procedure, you may even notice increased strength in your chewing ability. Once your implants have healed, you will return for the final set of new dentures.
Rediscover the full capabilities of your teeth with implant supported dentures. You will feel more confident to have a conversation with your friends without stumbling over your old dentures or suffering in pain.
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Denture Cleaning

Clean your dentures everyday by running water over them to clean off food particles  
1.   Brush with a soft toothbrush using mild soap or denture cleaner - DO NOT use regular toothpaste, other cleaners or an electric toothbrush which will damage and wear away your dentures 
2.  Rinse well after cleaning 
3.  Clean your gums and natural teeth with a soft, wet toothbrush and toothpaste with fluoride or a soft washcloth if your brush is too harsh on your gums 
4.  Remove your dentures before sleeping so they don’t dislodge or get damaged plus this gives your gums time to relax 
5.  Submerge your dentures in warm water to keep them from drying out and misshaping or use a denture soaking solution only if your dentures have no metal components since this solution tarnishes metal 

Dentures help restore the function and appearance of your smile. You are now ready to take that bite out of the juicy turkey leg you have been dying to taste! 

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