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Bad breath also known as halitosis is embarrassing and emitted every time we speak, open our mouth or even smile. We want you to do every day things without this fear of emitting a nasty smell from your mouth. We offer bad breath care for the freshest breath. 

To aid in clearing up bad breath you should make sure you brush and floss regularly. Visiting Cambrian Dental for semi-annual cleanings will help you keep your mouth smelling and feeling fresh.

Causes for Bad Breath

Did you know? 34-45 % of people are affected by bad breath. 
1.   Foods you eat like garlic 
2.  Smoking cigarettes  
3.  Drinking alcohol 
4.  Bad oral hygiene 
5.   Diabetes related to a negatively fruity smell 
6.   Dry Mouth 
7.   Gum Disease 
8.   Lung Infections 
9.   Sinus Infections causing a cheesy smell 
10.  Kidney/Liver Disease releasing a fishy smell or scent of ammonia with a kidney disease whereas the smell of a sweet, musty odour comes from liver disease 
11.   Gastrointestinal issues emitting a fecal scent 
You are not alone. According to the Bad Breath Institute between 34-45 percent of people are affected by bad breath.  
This common occurrence is something we want to stop. To ultimately kill bad breath you must kill bacteria and the toxins that it generates also known as Volatile Sulfur Compounds. It is important for you to come see us so we can determine whether your bad breath is caused by a serious problem where we need to refer you to a physician.   

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