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Many people are afraid of root canals because they believe them to be painful. Root canals are painless. The problem resulting in the need for this treatment is what is painful whereas root canals take away the pain.  
Inside your tooth, beneath the white enamel and a hard layer named dentin, there is a soft tissue we call pulp. Pulp helps grow the root of your tooth during its development. When pulp becomes infected or inflamed and you have pain or swelling it is time for you to visit your dentist at Cambrian Dental for a root canal. Other reasons to need a root canal are deep decay, a faulty crown, repeated dental procedures on a tooth, a crack or chip in your tooth or an injury to it.
Aftercare Instructions
You may experience moderate pain and sensitivity to pressure on your tooth after your root canal treatment. Please learn more about your aftercare. 

After A Root Canal

Your tooth will be tender for the first week or two and we want you to remember there should be no pain or swelling; if so call us. We suggest you eat soft foods for the first few days after therapy to steer clear of any tenderness you may get from heavy chewing.  

aftercare instructions
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Your dentist will do an examination to see where your pain is coming from so we can stop it. You can speed up the process when you arrive at our office by filling out our new patient forms before your appointment. 

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