3 of the Worst Bad Habits for Your Oral Health

January 22, 2020

Bad habits, everyone has them but how do they affect your oral health? Things like using your teeth as a bottle opener or a crushing device can be destroying your enamel and might require you to go to the dentist more often than necessary just to fix the side effect you created.

What are some of these bad habits and how can you correct them?

1. Crack It Open with Your Teeth

Ok, you are tough, understood but do you really have to show off your strength by opening that beer bottle with your teeth? It might be a great party trick but really it is weakening your tooth enamel and if you lose it entirely, it is irreplaceable.

If you lose enamel, what are some signs?

• Sensitive teeth
• Discoloured teeth
• Chipped or cracked teeth

If you are constantly keeping up this bad habit, your enamel will disappear over time and you will need to go to the dentist for a restorative dental procedure. Some treatments to repair the damage you created might be costly dentures or implants.

How do you steer clear of losing enamel? Try opening your beer at the next party with your fingers or if you want to show off a bit, pop open that cool drink with a knife; this is a tool, not your teeth.

If your enamel is slowly dissipating but not entirely gone, you can help strengthen it by using a powerful enamel loss protector mouthwash. Ward off your bad habits and use mouthwash every day so when you do go to the dentist, you don’t have to worry about getting bad news.

2. Icy Situation

When you get a soft drink at the restaurant, do you chew the ice? This might be a fun habit for you or a way to cool down on a hot day but is a harmful habit for your teeth. Why? While your teeth are strong, they can still break and putting an ice cube forcefully against them can cause you to lose a filling or break a piece of your tooth off.

It’s hard to stop this bad habit especially now that straws are being removed from all eateries. What are some suggestions to help you break the bad habit of crunching ice? Try sipping your favourite beverage without ice or holding a spoon against the ice so that you still have a refreshing cold drink without allowing yourself to chow down on that frozen H2O.

Have you already broken your teeth or perhaps caused a large chip in the enamel? You will need to make a dentist appointment to repair the damage by being fitted for a cap or perhaps even getting a root canal. Your dentist will make the best decision based on your situation or let you know if you need something else entirely.

3. Bottles at Bedtime

Do you have a little one at home who you often give bottles of milk or juice during his/her bedtime? You need to prevent your child from forming the bad habit of falling asleep with liquid resting in his/her mouth. Why is sucking on a bottle a bad habit? The liquid sits in the mouth, bathing your child’s oral cavity in sugars, corroding their teeth and forming cavities.

Next time you decide to give your baby a bottle during bedtime, think twice. It is good practice to gently wash out his/her mouth with some water before they go to sleep and ensure the bottle is taken away.

If your baby has already formed a mouthful of cavities, then you need to see your pediatric dentist for help. There are ways to help prevent the cavities from getting worse and your dentist will know what to do or may suggest a filling if your child is at the right age.

Yes, bad habits come in all forms but it is best to stay away from these three in order to keep a healthy mouth.

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