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Mouth guards help you in everyday life whether you play sports, grind your teeth or need dental protection. These guards are dental devices designed to fit over your teeth and gum surface, typically over your top teeth but we provide them for bottom teeth as well. 

Our mouth guards are a rubber like cover cushioning your teeth and gums from damage, while securing them in place helping prevent your jaw from tooth damage.

Three Types of Mouth Guards:

Custom Made

This is what we consider the choice mouth guard as it provides the best comfort, protection and durability. We will make an exact fitting from your cast model of teeth impressions using a vacuum or pressure formed thermoplastic material. 
*Note that you can get over the counter mouth guards but these are nowhere near as comfortable, fitted or protective however if you chose this route the following options are available to you.


Coming in three different sizes of small, medium and large while sized by age, the boil-and-bite mouth guards are a thermoplastic material warmed up in extremely hot water. The water softens them or you can bite into it for the impression to be made as it takes the shape of your mouth. These are often bulkier than a custom-made mouth guard. 


The material of a Ready-Made mouth guard is rubber or polyvinyl and these are held in place by clenching your teeth together. They offer the least amount of protection while being bulky and loose. 

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How To Clean Your Mouth Guard  
Protection of your teeth is important to us and this is why we suggest the use of our professional custom fit mouth guards for you. 

Rinse your mouth guard under cold water at the beginning and end of its use, cleaning it with an antiseptic mouthwash, a toothbrush or cleaning tablets about once a month. Store your mouth guard in a perforated plastic container away from heat because this can distort it and be sure to only close the container once the guard is fully dry. 
If you notice tears or holes in your mouth guard then it is time to replace it. Every two or three years is a good time to replace your mouth guard because it wears out over time during the cleaning process and pressure from your teeth. It is critical to clean your mouth guard so you do not catch any oral or throat infections from it.
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