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Oral cancer is a dangerous health issue that if discovered too late you can die from. It is twice as common in men as woman. Cambrian Dental wants you to know that if caught in the early stages, oral cancer can be treated. Oral cancer screening could save your life. 

Coming to the dentist means more than a cavity filling and rinse. We are trained to see and feel precursor tissue changes or the cancer in the very early stage. As your dentist is often the first to discover oral cancer it becomes even more crucial to come to the dentist.  

Symptoms Can Include 

1.   Sore in the mouth or on the lip that does not heal 
2.   Lump on the lip, neck, mouth or throat 
3.  A thickening feeling in your cheek 
4.  Difficulty chewing, swallowing and moving jaws or tongue
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The Following Can Be Contributors of Oral Cancer: 

1.   Tobacco and excess alcohol  
2.   Infection with HPV  
3.   Age increase (usually occurring in people over 40 years old)  
4.  Prolonged sun exposure
5.   Diet low in fruits and vegetables 

It only takes a few minutes to come for an oral cancer screening so why not make an appointment with your Cambrian dentist today?  To ease your mind on the process we have described it for you below. 

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Oral Cancer Screening Process 

First, we do what is called an extraoral exam. We inspect your face, neck and head, making a note of any asymmetry or skin changes such as crusts, growths, fissuring or colour change. We also check for enlargement of lymph nodes. 
Next, we conduct a perioral and intraoral soft tissue exam. In this exam we conduct a seven-step systematic assessment including an examination of your lips, tongue, the floor of your mouth and hard/soft palates.  

After the test, if we see signs of cancer or precancerous lesions then we schedule a follow up visit in a few weeks. In this visit we check to see if these findings are still present noting whether they have grown or changed. We may also do a biopsy to remove a sample of cells for lab testing to determine whether cancer cells are present. A biopsy is a routine procedure and may be done by the dentist or we may refer you to a doctor specializing in oral cancer.  

We recommend getting an oral cancer screening annually starting around the age of 18. 

Ways to Prevent Oral Cancer  
1.    Brush and floss regularly 
2.   Exercise on a continuing basis 
3.   See us continuously 
4.   Conduct a self-exam at least once a month 

How Do I Conduct My Self-Exam?

Check the back and sides of your tongue with a mirror for lumps, bumps, tender areas and white, grey or red patches. 

Cambrian Dental has a central location in Highwood, the North West part of Calgary offering our services to various areas nearby so you can get your oral cancer screening whether you live in Highland Park or Tuxedo Park. We are close to many other neighborhoods as well so check us out on the map and come in for an appointment because we will care for our teeth no matter where you live. 

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