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Sealants and Fluoride Treatments are critical to your teeth’s health as they help prevent cavities.


Sealants work exactly how they sound, sealing out food particles from your molars. As good as you are at brushing and flossing your teeth, cavities can occur because food, especially sticky foods stick around in those hard to reach places. Sealants help prevent cavities. 

Since sealants are usually applied to your molars it is good to get them as soon as they start coming through. We recommend children and teenagers ages 6-14 or adults, without decay or fillings, get sealants applied to their teeth. We paint the sealant on your pre-molars or molars with a clear, white or slightly tinted colour, depending on what is best for you. We have two types of sealants. 

Sealants and Their Properties

1.  Glass Ionomer Sealants (a type of white filling) 
• Acid base reaction 
• Less shrinkage than a composite resin sealant 
• Stiffest kind of sealant 
• Highest fluoride release of the sealants 
2.  Composite Resin Sealants (a form of white filling)  
• None acid based bonding but a resin dentin bonding 
• More shrinkage on setting than a Glass Lonomer sealant 
• Not much expansion after water emission compared to Glass Lonomer sealants 
• Less fluoride release as a sealant 
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The process for sealants is only minutes long meaning you have the rest of the day to do whatever you desire.

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