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Orthodontics includes services such as retainers and braces which help align your teeth and jaw, correcting any irregularities. We will ask questions about your health to prepare you for these specialized orthodontic treatments. It is necessary for your dentist to complete a full exam, x-rays of your head and mouth and teeth impressions prior to doing orthodontic work.
Aftercare Instructions
Learn more about what to expect after the placement of braces placement of Braces or Invisalign Trays.


Depending on your situation, we may provide you braces with bands, wires or other fixed and removable corrective appliances. Braces apply continuous pressure that slowly move your teeth in the correct spot in your mouth. Your bone changes shape as your teeth move and this pressure is applied.
Invisalign® is a type of invisible braces we offer. 
This is a great option for those that have a less severe teeth crowding because they are made of a removable clear plastic. These create a natural look where others are unaware you even have braces on and effectively treat the areas in your mouth for proper alignment.

Components of Braces

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Brackets: Small squares bonded to the front of your teeth with a special dental bonding agent or orthodontic bands. Brackets hold arch wires that move your teeth.
Orthodontic Bands: Providing an anchor for the brackets, they wrap around each tooth. You may solely be fitted with brackets or bands.
Spacers: Create a small space before the placement of bands; separators that fit between your teeth.

Arch wires: Wires that attach to the brackets guiding your teeth movement.
Ties: Thin wires or small rubber rings that fasten to the arch wire to the brackets.
Buccal Tube: Holds the end of the arch wire in its spot.
Small Elastic Bands or Ligatures: Hold the arch wires to the brackets.
Springs: Springs can be placed on the arch wires between the brackets to open, pull, push or close spaces between your teeth.
*Note that we may place headgear tubes on your upper teeth holding this and the face-bow (device that moves your upper molars back in your mouth, correcting bite discrepancies and creating space for crowded teeth) in its location.
Elastics or Rubber Bands: Attach to hooks on brackets and are worn in various ways between your upper and lower teeth. They apply pressure moving upper and lower teeth together so we can achieve the ideal fit for your individual teeth.

Mini Braces

Newer mini braces are now offered as an option to the regular ones. These braces are smaller and may be recommended after determining your individual needs.
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