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Do you feel like your gums show too much when you talk and smile? Are you self-conscious about your receding gum line? Cambrian Dental helps put your mind at ease and fix these worrisome problems for you. We have professional gum contouring procedures in place. 

We can do a gum lift to release your smile into a proportionate grin. At Cambrian Dental want you to be absolutely comfortable so we can provide you with a local anesthetic on your gums to numb them during the process. Gum contouring helps fight tooth decay by eliminating places where bacteria can hide. 
Aftercare Instructions
You may experience some pain, swelling, and bleeding after the surgery. Please read and follow our aftercare instructions. 

This process even aligns any crooked gums you may have.

If we notice your gums are receding, we can graft tissue from another site in your mouth to place over the recession zone. This treatment will require extra time and is evaluated on a case per case basis. 

After we contour your gums rinsing with warm salt water plus consuming soft and cool foods like cheese and eggs will help you recover even quicker. Use a soft bristle brush twice daily, floss gently and avoid extremely spicy, cold, hot or seedy foods for a seamless healing process.
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Gum tissue is incapable of regrowth so gum contouring is a permanent procedure. 
When you leave our office after the process you will be proud to show off those beautiful gums with a charming smile.

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