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It is important that our services are convenient for you and fit into your busy schedule. Prior to you making a dentist appointment you can click below and complete the proper form to bring into our office on the day of your booking or feel free to fax it to us in advance. We know it can be difficult to come to your dentist appointment a little early so we want to save you precious moments by giving you the convenient option of filling out these forms online.

Below you will see new patient forms, one for children and another for adults. We like to gather all relevant information possible about you and your children so that our services are personalized to your wants and needs. Some of the things we ask for in the form will be phone number, address, date of birth and health plus dental history. There is also a section asking for dental insurance information so we can direct bill your insurance company if you have coverage. The personal information and protection act page at the end is there for you to sign off on policy and procedures so that you know what happens with the details you give us. We ask that you please read this portion carefully.

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You can call us at any time if there are questions where you may be wondering, what do I fill in here? We want to make this a seamless process so don’t be afraid to ask. The more we know about you, the better we can address your needs and this is why we inquire about details such as skin colour changes, pregnancy and allergies.

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We provide dentist and physician services for families, children, adults and the elderly, making sure everyone’s needs are met. Our professional dental and primary care team will get to know you so that you feel comfortable asking us questions and being in the dentist chair. Everything we provide is for you to have a good experience during your visit.
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