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Make a Cambrian Dentist, your dentist?

Our friendly dental staff care about your concerns, questions and needs. We have the qualifications required to provide you the best services. 

To become a licensed dentist in Canada, it is required that you possess a BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery)/DDS (Doctor of Dental Surgery)/DMD (Doctor of Dental Medicine), all equivalents of each other and you need to be certified by NDEB (The National Dental Examining Board of Canada). Each of our skilled dentists have the above mentioned licenses and certification.  

Passion - We are passionate about giving you quality dentistry and are proud of the skills we have developed. We take extra care to ensure your oral health is at its best.

Follow Up – After an appointment with your dentist, we always follow up on your procedure to make sure you are happy with the results and that everything is working as it should or healing properly.

Experience – Our dentists have experience working on a variety of issues so you can be confident knowing whatever comes up during your oral care will be able to be taken care of without hesitation. Better yet, each Cambrian Dentist has a unique set of specialized skills so we can fit the right dentist to your particular situation.

Our goal is to make sure you are comfortable before, during and after your treatments. Your Cambrian Dentist can answer any questions that may arise. Speak to us about your concerns and we will take care of them for you. Giving you quality, comfortable dentistry is our mission
Dr. Sameet Gill
Dr. Gill is one of the co-founders of Peak Dental Group. She is dedicated to her practice and the pursuit of high quality dental care for all patients.

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Dr. Gurshant Grewal
Dr. Grewal is the co-founder of Peak Dental Group, a corporation committed to building new practices and partnering with other medical professionals.

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Dr. Anthony Bui
Dr. Bui enjoys seeking out adventure, experiencing different types of cuisine, playing sports, and spending time with friends and family.

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Dr. Herman Nijjar
Dr. Nijjar uses his strong knowledge and skills to provide exceptional oral care. He educates each patient on the importance or their oral health.

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Dr. Mark Hamanishi
I look forward to getting to know my patients and feel it’s only fair they have the opportunity to know some things about me as well, so here are...

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