Why You Need to Know About The 9 Parts of Your Teeth

May 1, 2019

Knowing the different parts of your teeth means you can help explain to your dentist where the pain is coming from if an issue should occur. Teaching your children the different names of the teeth’s structure and the reason for each part educates them on the importance of their oral hygiene.

Did you know the tooth had so many parts?

Structure of the tooth

  1. Crown: The crown of your tooth is the portion that you can visually see. Your crown’s shape will determine the function of your tooth. Some teeth are designed to grind food while others are specially shaped to cut your food.
  2. Neck: The part of your tooth that is between the crown and root, is the neck. This part of the tooth is exposed if your gums begin to recede.
  3. Root: The root is the portion of your tooth below the gum line, embedded in bone. The root holds your tooth in place and makes up two-thirds of your tooth. Strong roots make for strong teeth.
  4. Enamel: Enamel is the hard layer on the outside of your crown. This substance is the hardest part of your tooth. This part of your tooth protects the inside portion by forming a barrier from decay and sensitivity. It is vital you brush and floss your teeth to prevent decay from occurring and causing pain.
  5. Dentin: Dentin forms the majority of the inside of your tooth and lays below the enamel. The dentin is the layer that guards the pulp of your tooth if the enamel is breached.
  6. Gum: The gum is the soft tissue surrounding the bone and teeth. Gums protect your roots and bone. Brushing and flossing your teeth on a regular basis will help protect this lubricated surface from a build-up of plaque and tartar. Why do you want to take good care of your teeth? So you don’t end up with cavities and further detrimental oral health issues.
  7. Pulp: The soft tissue in the centre of your teeth is the pulp. The pulp contains the nerve and blood supply of your tooth. When the pulp gets infected you will experience pain.
  8. Nerve and Blood Vessels: The nerve vessels of your teeth allow you to feel sensations. The blood vessels maintain the vitality of your teeth. Both nerve and blood vessels are part of the pulp.
  9. Bone: The bone provides a socket for supporting and surrounding the roots of your teeth. When you experience bone loss, this is often the cause of loose or missing teeth.

Every part of your dental anatomy has a different purpose and keeping your teeth healthy is important. Your dentist is there to help you if any part of your tooth’s structure gets damaged or needs attention. They will ensure you have a healthy, happy smile!

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