Top 5 Reasons Your Oral Health is Imperative

February 22, 2019

Before modern dentistry, Germany had an old wives’ tale where legend claimed that kissing a donkey would bring relief to your toothaches. Kissing a donkey might seem like a less strenuous treatment plan for a toothache but this is far from what is actually required in today’s dental world. At Cambrian Dental, your oral health is our top concern and we are here to help you avoid complications that could lead to more serious health issues. It is best you care for your teeth and gums rather than have them chipped off as Brad Pitt purposefully did for his role in “Fight Club”.

Top 5 Reasons Your Oral Health is Imperative 1

Why is my oral health important?

The Academy of General Dentistry researched and found that more than 90% of all diseases, affecting the whole body or many organs, have oral manifestations.


1. Endocarditis

Endocarditis, an infection of the inner lining of your heart, can be caused by bacteria in your mouth. As germs slowly leach onto heart surfaces, areas such as your valves can become inflamed. Your heart can swell and become irritated which could lead to problems with breathing. Swelling of the heart may cause it to stop. To help prevent bacteria growth in your mouth, regular professional dental cleaning and a good home routine of brushing and flossing is imperative.


2. Stroke

The bacteria known as Streptococcus sanguis is linked to periodontitis. Periodontitis is the inflammation of gums and the supporting structure of your teeth. Bacteria that enters your gums is known to be linked to an increased chance of stroke. When bacteria makes its way into your gums, it spreads to your heart and thickens your arteries. How do I know if I have periodontitis? Our dental professionals at Cambrian Dental are trained to identify the signs and symptoms of oral diseases, so come in for a dental exam today.


3. Premature Birth

Are you pregnant and have periodontitis? A premature birth can occur if you have periodontitis. Periodontitis allows the micro-organisms from your oral cavity to make their home in the fetal membranes and inner lining of your uterus. The release of these endotoxins can trigger inflammation affecting your entire body. The possible result from this occurrence is a premature birth. Help keep your mouth and gums free from bacteria with regular cleanings during your visits to Cambrian Dental.


4. Oral Cancer

If oral cancer is discovered too late, it can cause death. Lumps or sores in your mouth, a thickening feeling in your cheek, or difficulty chewing can all be signs of oral cancer. Poor oral hygiene can lead to oral cancer. When you allow your mouth to build negative bacteria it thrives in your mouth and throat areas, changing the growth of your cells. These abnormal cells attack healthy ones causing damage to the surrounding tissues. A good oral health regiment and regular dental check-ups will help you keep bacterial issues at bay.


5. Alzheimer’s Disease

Poor oral hygiene and gum disease can put you at higher risk for Alzheimer’s. As bacteria enters your bloodstream and brain it can cause the release of excess chemicals that kill neurons. Confusion and deteriorating memory occur as a result of these excess chemicals and are symptoms of Alzheimer’s.


We have trained dental professionals that know how to identify and remove harmful bacteria so that you have a healthy mouth.  During your dental exam or regular cleaning, we are often the first to notice signs of oral health issues. Cambrian Dental can help make the difference between a complicated health future or a positive one.

Top 5 Reasons Your Oral Health is Imperative 2

Call us at Cambrian Dental, 403-907-0364, if you have a desire to learn more about oral health. We are accepting new patients and want to ensure your future is orally bright, no donkey needed.

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