The Importance of Mouth Guards and Keeping Them Clean

December 18, 2019

Do you want to lose your teeth? Do you like to feel pain in your jaw? These are some things that can happen as a result of grinding your teeth, the affliction known as bruxism. Stop the negative side effects of this bad habit by halting the habit itself. How can you prevent bruxism?

Head to your dentist for a mouthguard that can be worn at night. This dental device will prevent you from grinding your teeth by creating a barrier between your upper and lower jaw. Get your dentist to provide you with a mouthguard to protect your teeth from deteriorating or worse, creating bone loss and changing the shape of your face.

What types of mouthguards are available to you?

Custom Made

Your dentist can provide you with a custom-made mouthguard by forming a mould of your teeth. The mould replicates your bite to ensure you have an exact fit that will form perfectly within your mouth.


This type of mouthguard requires you to boil it in water, then insert it into your mouth and bite down while the product is still pliable. The mouthguard takes the shape of your teeth and when it cools it stays in the form of your mouth. You can easily insert it daily for a comfortable fit.


A ready-made mouthguard is pre-formed and held in your mouth through clenching your teeth.

Once you have a nightguard for your mouth, what do you do to ensure it stays in proper shape?

Just as you would brush your teeth nightly, you need to scrub down your night guard. How? Brush your night guard with some toothpaste or baking soda but be sure to ask your dentist which paste you should use as some toothpaste can be too harsh. Dry your mouthguard with a gentle cloth and ensure the case is washed out.

Once a week you should use mouthwash to soak your mouthguard for ten minutes or so. After it has been thoroughly soaked, dry it off then brush and soak the case for about ten minutes with mouthwash as well.

Why do you need to make sure your night guard stays clean?

Your nightguard should be kept in its best possible shape so that it does not deteriorate over time. You don’t want an ill-fitting guard because it will not do the job it is meant to. You also want to keep your mouthguard clean so it looks its best instead of being marred with stains. Keeping a clean mouth guard also helps you have a clean oral cavity. If there is build-up on your guard then bacteria begin to form in your mouth, creating cavities and all other sorts of dental issues.

If you think your mouthguard no longer fits correctly, talk to your dentist about a replacement. Your mouthguard is extremely important if you continuously grind and clench your teeth.

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