Surprise! 3 Things Your Dentist Can Find Out About You

September 13, 2019

When you take care of your health, you take care of your teeth and vice versa. Dental issues can cause health problems beyond your mouth that require a physician’s help. Yikes! If you disregard your general health, negative signs will appear in your teeth in the form of cavities and bleeding gums. Help keep your teeth and body healthy by seeing your dentist at least twice a year and paying attention to your oral and physical health.

Here are surprising things your dentist can uncover just by looking at your oral cavity.

1. Oral Cancer

Your dentist might notice signs of oral cancer, a growth or sore that could be life-threatening if not treated right away. Oral cancer can develop in your mouth, on your tongue, or lips. Signs of this issue include bleeding from your mouth, an earache that will not go away, loose teeth, and a lump on your neck. Regular checkups with oral cancer screenings at your dentist are important. Catching this disease early enough will increase your survivor rate. So, make sure you keep your dental appointments for a healthy future.

2. Eating Disorders

Having an eating disorder is a serious concern and your dentist will be able to pick up on this issue. How? By examining your teeth, your dentist will notice dry mouth symptoms, bleeding gums, or tooth erosion. Malnutrition causes major problems with your teeth and gums. Repeated vomiting leaves stomach acid in your mouth and will erode your oral cavity, plus extreme cases can cause you to lose teeth. It is important for you to seek help right away so that you and your mouth can live a healthy life. For concerns with eating disorders, you should seek advice from your physician or a therapist.

3. Pregnancy

Are you pregnant? Your dentist can typically pick up on this through signs of gingivitis or pyogenic granuloma, a pregnancy tumour on your gums. Always be truthful with your dentist by informing them of your pregnancy to receive safe and proper treatments during this special time in your life. Your dentist might suggest you visit them more often as pregnancy changes your hormones. Negative effects on your gums and teeth can be averted by regular visits to your dental professional. Your dentist knows how to take care of these issues.

Dentistry is much more than a simple check of your teeth. Many health problems can result if you disregard the health of your oral cavity. A dentist can help prevent certain issues from occurring and provide you with the proper treatment if you need emergency services. Your dentist is here for you so call him/her to book an appointment today. Taking care of your oral health keeps your mouth and body in good shape.

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