4 Ways to Keep Your Mouth Comfortable with Dentures

October 18, 2019

Whether your dentures are new, or you have had them for a while, here are some tips to a comfortable, happy mouth.

1. Practice Singing and Speaking

Do you have a lisp when you pronounce certain words? Dentures can cause your speech to become altered until you get used to their placement in your mouth. If you would like to have your words come out more fluidly, try practicing speaking words you have difficulty with on a daily basis. You can even read something out loud from your favourite Shakespearean play or sing that song stuck in your head, over and over to become comfortable with your enunciation.

Next time you go out with your friends, you won’t be embarrassed by the way you sound in conversation. You’ll be joining in on Karaoke night!

2. Keep Moist and Checked

When you take your dentures out, make sure you place them in some water to avoid them drying out. Dry dentures create fractured dentures which lead to an uncomfortable mouth. You will want to go to the dentist for regular checkups to ensure your dentures are in tip-top shape. Why? If your dentures are no longer fitting properly, the dentist can fit you for new ones so you don’t have to live with discomfort.

3. Exercise Those Cheek Muscles

Did you know your cheek muscles help direct the food in your mouth? Dentures might cause you to have difficulty controlling the pathway for your food. Before you get fitted for your new teeth, it’s a good idea to exercise your cheek muscles so you can get used to eating with dentures quicker. Besides, it can be fun to pucker up once in a while!

4. Wear for Lengthy Periods

Wear your dentures for long periods before you take them out at bedtime. If you keep taking your dentures out here and there, you will make it more difficult to get used to the way they fit in your mouth.

Dentures help protect your mouth from infection. If you treat them well, they will return the favour. Just because you no longer have your natural teeth doesn’t mean you have to refrain from smiling. Wear your dentures from morning to night, just make sure you give them a good cleaning, just as you would your real teeth.

Dentures take getting used to and can change the way you eat, speak, and sing but they also keep you looking and feeling great. If you need dentures, consult with your dentist about the various types available for your situation.

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