How to Know Which Kind of Dentist You Need

August 26, 2019

Are you looking for a dental specialist but unsure what kind of dentist is best suited to your circumstance? Here are some indications to determine what kind of dental specialists can help you have that healthy smile you have been searching for.


The earlier in your life you see an orthodontist, the better because this dental specialist will help shape your mouth and teeth into the right form. Your orthodontist can correct oral cavity and jaw irregularities. How do you know if you need to schedule an appointment with your local orthodontist?

• Misaligned Bite:

Do you notice that your teeth do not align properly when you close your mouth? This can cause tooth wear which creates further damage to your oral cavity such as holes or crevices in your enamel. Prevent the need for further work on your teeth by visiting an orthodontist so he/she can properly align your teeth.

• Crowded Teeth:

A common sign orthodontic work is required is when you notice little to no space for teeth to come in. Teeth will try to push their way into your mouth, disregarding the other teeth already there, and end up coming in crooked. An orthodontist can give you an aesthetically pleasing smile but the main concern is to help steer clear of periodontitis and gingivitis. These two gum diseases are common when teeth are crowd together because food gets trapped in places that are difficult to reach causing an unclean hence unhealthy mouth.

• Gapped Teeth:

Do you have a gap between your teeth? This can be dangerous for your oral health. Large space allows your gum tissue to be exposed, leaving room for inflammation, infection, and plaque. An orthodontist will know how to fix a gap for an aesthetically pleasing smile and can also fix your jaw alignment.


What is an endodontist? A dentist that is concerned with the health of your dental pulp and diseases or injuries to the inner workings of your teeth. When might a good time be to schedule a time to see an endodontist?

• Tooth Sensitivity and Pain:

Do you feel extreme sensitivity to hot and cold items you consume? An endodontist is ready to take care of your abnormal dental reactions with treatment for this and other such tooth pain.

• Injured Tooth:

Have you injured your tooth to the point where you are unsure if it is going to stay in your mouth? You can make an appointment with your endodontist so he/she can help save your tooth from falling out.


Are you concerned about getting a disease in your oral cavity? It’s time to see a periodontist who can look after issues affecting the soft tissues in your mouth. What are some signs that you need a periodontist to take care of your oral health?

• Periodontitis:

You look in the mirror and see your gums have receded so much that you almost have the roots of your teeth exposed. This issue is called periodontitis. Instead of screaming for help, call a periodontist who can help you cover up this now sensitive, unprotected area. You will be happy you did not wait for an infection to occur but got treated as soon as possible.

• Swollen or Bleeding Gums:

You might not have periodontitis but your gums are bleeding and swollen. What does this mean? You could have a severe dental problem that needs to be taken care of right away. Your periodontist will be able to let you know the issue and offer treatment to fix the problem.

If your dental concern is not mentioned here, ask your general dentist for more information on your particular dental issue. There are a variety of dental specialists that can help with even more complicated problems than the ones described above.

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