How Medications Affect Your Dental Health

July 17, 2019

Medications can help treat your diseases and health concerns. They can also help you with things such as dry mouth. Taking some pills, however, can negatively impact your dental health and cause or worsen dental issues.

How can you balance medications and maintaining dental health? What do you do if you need to take a certain prescription but know it will destroy your teeth and gums? Speak to your dentist, tell them about your medical history, and provide a list of what your doctor has prescribed to you. Your dentist and doctor might need to work together to come up with the best solution to keep you healthy and protect your oral cavity.

Here are some medications that might make it difficult to keep your gums and teeth in excellent shape. If you are taking any of these products, let your dentist know so he/she can provide you with the best treatment possible.


Do you have heartburn? Maybe you are taking antacids to ease this horrible heat feeling rising from your chest to your throat. Antacids can actually weaken your teeth and contribute to tooth decay. Some antacids contain sugar. A steady diet of heartburn medication can be harmful to your teeth as this ingredient produces acids that attack your enamel. Try taking antacids with less to no sugar for a reduced chance of your teeth deteriorating.

Blood Pressure Medication

Do you have high blood pressure and take medication for this? Blood pressure medication can cause your gums to swell or grow, making it difficult to clean your teeth. Plaque is more likely to build up due to bigger than normal size gums. When there is a lot of plaque in your mouth, your teeth are more likely to decay. Diet, Yoga and acupuncture are some natural remedies to help reduce your blood pressure and maintain a healthy smile. Talk to your physician for alternatives to blood pressure medication and if it is right for you.


Do you suffer from chronic pain? You might be taking painkillers to relieve the aches your body is experiencing. Are you afraid of visiting the dentist? When taken before a procedure, painkillers can reduce any slight pain you might feel during a dental treatment but note this is not always the best solution. Painkillers can induce dry mouth syndrome and cause severe tooth decay that eventually leads to periodontal disease. Do you want to avoid this disease? Try a holistic approach to pain medication such as inhaling essential oils like lavender which is known to help relieve pain and anxiety.

There are alternates to many types of medication, so pills may not always be needed for every situation. Always ask your doctor before going off or choosing a different type of treatment plan. If you must take specific medications, make sure you take extra care to monitor the reactions of your teeth and gums.

Attending the dentist more than twice a year will help your teeth stay clear of any issues caused by medications. Remember, consult your dentist and doctor. They only want what is best for your overall health.

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