How is it Possible to Lose a Tooth or Teeth?

March 4, 2020

Your teeth are strong and made up of enamel supported by a root, your gums, and your jaw. They are meant for chewing all sorts of things especially your favourite steak and your early morning muffins. So, how is it possible to lose a tooth when they are essentially anchored into your jawbone?

Sports Injury

Sports are a lot of fun but sometimes playing hockey or skiing can cause issues with your oral cavity. You could get shoved into the boards or have a flying puck hit you in the mouth. While heading down the slopes in the Rocky Mountains you could fall and hit a tree, leaving your front teeth attached to the branches. The point is, you can lose a tooth doing the things you love so you need to protect them. If you engage in a variety of different sports where you could inadvertently get smacked in the face, you need to invest in a mouthguard. A mouthguard can prevent the loss of your teeth.

Also, Check-

Poor Oral Hygiene

You are an adult now, so you don’t have to listen to your parents telling you to brush your teeth before bed. It’s your life, and no one can tell you what to do. Brushing your teeth is time-consuming and a quick rinse before bed with a glass of water or a beer is enough right? You are wrong. Purposely eliminating brushing and flossing your teeth can lead to devastating consequences. Your teeth can begin to form small cavities and if left unattended the decay can work itself down into the core of your tooth. Extreme decay can cause your teeth to fall out or need to be pulled to eliminate any further issues. So maybe your parents were right, brushing and flossing are important unless you want to have a huge gap in your grin and or your wallet when you go to the dentist.

Age-Related Issues

Getting older has many perks. Retirement is not too far away, and you can say goodbye to that nagging boss you’ve put up with for the past 20 years. Getting older is a reason many people start to develop issues with their oral health. Perhaps you have acquired a systemic disease over the years or maybe you have a genetic predisposition that has put you at risk for periodontal problems. When your teeth and gums have been well used for many years, you can end up with issues. Medications can change the way your body fights off bacteria in your mouth and years of wear can weaken your tooth enamel. As you get older, you could be facing tooth loss. Not to worry though, your dentist has a multitude of options to replace lost teeth, from dentures and bridges to specially designed dental implants.

Always remember to keep those all-important dentist appointments to ensure your dentist monitors the state of your oral health. And of course, keep brushing and flossing well into the later years of your life.

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