How Cosmetic Dentistry Helps

June 26, 2019

Are you ready for a beautiful smile to give you the confidence you need to walk up to your future significant other? Do you want to fix major dental concerns before this summer’s family reunion photos? Whatever your reason, cosmetic dentistry can improve the look and feel of your teeth and gums.

What is cosmetic dentistry?

Dentist treatments to improve your appearance by straightening, lightening, reshaping, constructing, or repairing your teeth.

There are various cosmetic dental treatments available to you. Learn which one is a good option for your situation.


Perhaps your teeth have been ignored through the years and need to be reconstructed due to chips, cracks or discolouration. Your dentist can give you the appearance of a whole new set of teeth with veneers. Veneers are shells put on your teeth mimicking your normal tooth enamel.

You need to take care of your veneers just as you would your natural teeth by regularly flossing and brushing. If you are responsible with your new teeth then no one will know the difference between veneers and your original smile.

Teeth Whitening

Are you an avid smoker or do you drink a lot of coffee? You may have surface stains on your teeth from years of tobacco and caffeine consumption. Maybe you want to brighten your smile so you can once again show it off to the world. Teeth whitening can help remove discolouration from your teeth in a painless, quick procedure. Remember to stay away from smokes and caffeinated drinks to maintain your fresh new look. Whitening procedures can be performed on a regular basis as required.

Speak to your dentist to ensure teeth whitening is the right treatment for you.

Gum Contouring

When you look in the mirror, maybe you think to yourself “my gums show too much” or “my gums look recessed”. Does the appearance of your gums bother you? Gum contouring can help you get back your self-confidence and enhance the health of your oral cavity.

Your gums can be reshaped or grafted to get back the natural look and feel from years ago and guess what? Gum contouring even helps fight tooth decay since it eliminates hiding spots for bacteria.

Composite Bonding

Do you have gapped teeth? You can fix this, and other issues such as deterioration, with composite bonding. Composite bonding is the application of resin to your teeth to repair the damage. Resin can be polished and shaped to match your adjacent teeth and, in some cases, can be used in place of fillings.

Bonding might also make your teeth appear longer or change their colour and shape. Your dentist will know if your teeth can be bonded for an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Bone Grafting

Do you have diseased or damaged bones? Let your dentist rebuild the structure of your bone. If you lose bone strength in your mouth, you might lose teeth. Tooth loss can alter the shape of your face so it is important to have your dentist check for possible concerns of this type.

Transplanted bone, either artificial or real, can be inserted into areas of concern. This completely safe procedure will immensely benefit your oral health and may aid in preventing further tooth loss.

No matter what type of cosmetic dentistry your dentist performs, you can be sure it will lift your spirits by giving you a pleasing look you can be proud of.

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