Happy Holidays From Cambrian Dental

December 1, 2021

Happy holidays from Cambrian Dental! The holiday season has arrived once again, and here at Cambrian Dental, we wanted to thank you for your continued loyalty and support this past year. We appreciate your business and we’re excited to continue serving you going into 2022 and beyond!

We take tremendous pride in the fact that we’re a Calgary-run company. Furthermore, we value the opportunity to serve the wonderful people of this fine city, and truly appreciate you as our customer!

But with that being said, the holidays are a festive occasion to be enjoyed with your friends and family. However, if you overdo it, the holidays can also take a toll on your smile due to sugary foods and alcohol consumption.

To prevent that, we have compiled a small list of dental hygiene tips for you this holiday season!

1. Pay attention to what your teeth are saying

Your teeth are communicating to you through the feelings and sensations emanating from them. Do you feel aches, pains, and any general discomfort in your teeth? This is a clear indicator that something is awry. Pay attention to these signals, they are communicating to you that you need to slow down. Maybe you need to cut back on the sugary foods and soft drinks, or maybe you need a checkup. Whatever the case may be, ensure you listen to these signals and then respond accordingly.

2. Watch the kids

Everyone knows the holidays are an excuse to gorge on your favourite sweets, meals, and drinks. And while most adults know how to pace themselves and when they should call it a night, that’s not always the case with children. So be vigilant of what your kids are consuming (and how much of it) this holiday season.

If this is left unchecked, your kids may have a whole host of cavities and other dental problems by the time the new year rolls around.

3. Come in for a pre-holiday visit

If you know you’re going to be letting loose this holiday season, it may be a good idea to book an appointment with your dentist prior to the festive celebrations. This way, you can be certain that everything is in working order, and then you can truly enjoy the holidays without any qualms about your oral health!

Final Thoughts

Enjoying the holidays becomes much easier when you’re pain-free without a worry on your mind in regards to dental hygiene. With this being the case, why not give this gift to your loved ones with a teeth whitening service?

Here at Cambrian Dental, we’re open 6 days a week and we welcome emergency and walk-in appointments daily for your convenience. Moreover, we will be accepting new patients in the new year, so please don’t hesitate to refer us if you know of anyone in need of dental care.

Happy holidays, stay safe, and see you in the new year!

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