5 Reasons Your Gums May Be Bleeding

August 16, 2019

After you finish brushing your teeth, you spit out the toothpaste and realize blood is coming from inside your mouth. Why are your gums bleeding? Here are 5 reasons you could be experiencing bleeding gum tissue.

1. Gum Disease

You might have gum disease, also known as gingivitis. How does this occur? Food particles can get stuck in your oral cavity, causing an infection and inflammation, eventually leading to periodontal disease. If you have a poor oral hygiene routine at home, your teeth and gums can suffer due to plaque build-up and that can invite a series of problems into your mouth.

It is important to get regular dental checkups so your dentist can identify signs of periodontal disease. If caught early, this issue can be reversed but if you ignore it, you put yourself at risk of losing teeth. Cambrian Dental wants you to have a healthy smile and this is why we focus on not only your teeth but entire oral cavity.

2. Birth Control Pills

Using birth control pills may cause bleeding gums. How? The hormones in oral contraceptives cause your gum tissue to become more sensitive. This sensitivity leads to a higher risk of problems with your gums due to food and plaque easily irritating this area.

3. Leukemia

You might take excellent care of your oral cavity but find that your gums still constantly bleed. This could be caused by leukemia. Cancer of the blood and bone marrow often makes it easy for your gums to bleed. Your dentist can help you keep your mouth in the healthiest state possible while you deal with leukemia. Regular dentist appointments are required to keep your oral cavity in good shape.

4. Vitamin K Deficiency

If your body is low in vitamin K you may notice your gums tend to bleed a lot. Your dentist will have some great ideas for the best foods to eat so you can build up your vitamin K level. Go ahead and keep brushing your teeth and gums without the fear of spitting out blood. Your mouth will thank you and your body will be much healthier.

5. Medications

Finally, if you are on medication, you might notice bleeding gums. Blood-thinning medications decrease the ability for your blood to clot leading to an increase of bleeding. Speak to your dentist to see if he/she can work with your doctor to find alternate medications to lessen the problem. If not, your dentist has tips and tricks to help with bleeding gums.

Though bleeding gums is often not painful, it does create cause for concern. Skilled dentists at Cambrian Dental know how to deal with all sorts of bleeding gum troubles. Let a friendly team member help you find the reason your gums look like a vampire’s mouth and lend you a helping hand to gaining full control of your oral health.

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