5 reasons why regular dental cleaning is important

January 28, 2021

Poor oral hygiene is linked to several illnesses such as cardiovascular disease, bone loss, stroke, cancers, and other problems. Daily brushing and flossing are vital to maintaining the health of your teeth and gums. When combined with regular professional dental cleanings, not only is your oral health optimized, but your overall health is positively impacted. 

Reasons why dental cleaning is important

Reasons why dental cleaning is important

During your check-up, the dental team will: 

  • Examine the cleanness of your teeth and gums
  • Remove any plaque and tartar
  • Polish your teeth and floss in-between
  • Recommend brushing and flossing techniques

Scheduling regular cleanings with your dental clinic in Calgary ensures that your teeth and gums are healthy, along with the following benefits.

1. Reduces the risk of cavities 

Regardless of how consistent your daily routine of brushing and flossing is, everyone has some plaque on their teeth. Plaque is a white film that sits at the gum lines and on your enamel.

Without proper removal of plaque, the tooth enamel begins to erode and lead to tooth decay. Professional dental cleanings are the only way to really get into hard-to-reach areas to remove this plaque, thus reducing cavities. 

2. Prevents tooth loss

Plaque that continues to build up can eventually lead to gum disease, a serious issue that can cause tooth decay deep into the gums. As gum disease progresses, the bones around the tooth begin to weaken, the tooth loosens, and eventually falls out. 

Dental clinics in Calgary are trained to detect early signs of problems linked to gum disease and apply the immediate intervention to correct them.

3. Removes stains for a brighter smile

Stain on the tooth enamel is commonly caused by coffee, soda, and tobacco. Professional dental cleanings effectively remove most discolouration and stain build-ups to leave behind a brighter, whiter smile. 

4. Reduces bad breath

While regular brushing and flossing can do wonders to keep bad breath at bay, a thorough cleaning keeps your teeth healthy. Healthy teeth and gums reduce bad breath. Your dentist can also detect any dental problems such as cavities that can lead to bad breath.

5. Improves your overall health

There is a strong link between cardiovascular disease and gum disease because of how the body responds to the bacteria that enter the bloodstream. Bacteria from gingivitis and periodontal cause inflammation in the blood vessels and can form small blood clots. This directly impacts your heart and brain, which increases your risk of a heart attack or stroke. 

Getting professional dental cleanings at least twice a year helps prevent gum disease, reducing your chances of cardiovascular disease linked to poor oral hygiene. 

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