5 Family Dental Services in Calgary That You Need to Know About

May 17, 2022

Canadians care about their dental health. In fact, conscious awareness of oral hygiene has been on an upward trajectory in this country since the 1970s, when less than half of Canadians visited a dentist in any given year. For this reason, if you have questions about the general dentistry services in Calgary that are available to you, we here at Cambrian Dental have the answers. 

We house a team of family dentists in Calgary who are experienced, dedicated, and accredited professionals. As such, you can feel confident in the firm knowledge that your family is being served with first-rate dentistry services. 

But if you’re interested in learning more about our dental services and how they can benefit you and your family, then keep reading for additional information. 

1. Porcelain Veneers

Also referred to as dental laminates, porcelain veneers are simply a layer of material used to cover a tooth or teeth. They assist with stamping out tooth deficiencies in addition to concealing openings in between teeth. All of this helps to amend the form and appearance of your teeth. 

Moreover, veneers also assist with colour consistency. This is done by the veneer copying the christyliline attributes of your regular enamel. 

Additional benefits of porcelain veneers include:

  • Covering chips, cracks, or broken teeth
  • Natural appearance 
  • Marginally invasive
  • It’s an easy dental procedure
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Great for loss of enamel

We ensure that your smile remains natural by matching the shade of the veneers to the colouration of your adjoining teeth. This will result in a seamless appearance of both teeth and veneer that no one will be able to distinguish between. 

2. Teeth Whitening

As one of the most common and widespread dentistry procedures, teeth whitening is a growing alternative for oral care. And more than that, its benefits branch out beyond just the way your smile beams. It can increase your confidence and self-esteem to a great degree when you have a bright smile due to teeth whitening services

As a result, you’ll move with a little more pep in your step, confidence in your stride, and belief in yourself! And let’s be honest, you can’t replace that feeling of pride and self-worth. Additionally, teeth whitening is a non-invasive procedure that is quick, easy, painless, and very safe. 

3. Gum Contouring

If you feel as if you have ‘too much gum’, meaning, your gingiva shows too much as you speak, smile, etc, then Cambrian Dental can help with our gum contouring services. Essentially, we perform a ‘gum lift’ to set your grin into a more well-rounded and proportional smile. 

For your comfort, this procedure is accompanied by the administration of localized anesthesia to your gums. This nulls the feeling while the procedure takes place, effectively creating a numbed and pain-free experience.  

4. Bone Grafting

A dental bone graft is used to add mass and thickness to your jaw in spots where bone loss has taken place. The material of the bone graft can be removed from your own body, or it could be bought from a human or animal tissue bank. 

The procedure is done to stave off long-term health complications connected to tooth loss and gum disease in addition to offering decent bone material to buttress dental implants. 

5. Composite Bonding

Composite bonding is the utilization of tooth-coloured resin. At Cambrian Dental, we use a dental resin medium to your teeth to mend any rot, stains, chips, cracks or crevices. Moreover, composite bonding is sometimes used as a supplement for fillings, as it safeguards sections of a tooth root that have been exposed due to receding gums. 

Some other benefits associated with composite bonding include:

  • Improves the appearance of blemished or stained teeth
  • Closes gaps between teeth
  • Changes the dimensions of your teeth
  • Strengthened cracked or decayed teeth
  • Safe and secure procedure


Your oral health is not something you should leave up to chance. It requires intentionality to ensure your dental hygiene remains at an optimal level. For this reason, most dental experts agree you should visit your dentist at least twice annually.

If you feel you’re overdue for a visit, get in touch with us today to schedule an appointment to ensure the quality of your smile. 

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