3 Secrets to Getting Your Stubborn Husband in for a Dental Appointment

July 10, 2019

Your husband hasn’t been to the dentist in years. He is avoiding getting his teeth and gums checked so you are concerned about his oral health. You have told him to book a dental appointment several times but he won’t listen. What do you do?

1. Get to the Root of the Problem

Does your husband tell you he brushes and flosses regularly, and always takes care of his teeth, therefore, he does not need a dentist? This could be a surface truth but he could be hiding the root of the problem. Maybe he is afraid of going to the dentist because he fears injections.

Ask your spouse questions to understand their reasons for avoiding a crucial dental appointment. Try to understand their point of view and help them understand why they do need to visit the dentist. Your understanding will likely give way to much-needed scheduling of a dental checkup and guess what? You can even inform your husband of ways to eliminate these fears such as dental sedation. Always check with your dentist for the right treatment options before making a decision. There are a variety of alternative methods to aid a tricky situation.

2. Let the Risks Be Known

Tell your husband about the risks associated with avoiding regular visits to a dentist. Let him know of the many scenarios that could be occurring in his mouth. Cavities and periodontal disease could be silently sneaking up. Research to get your dental facts straight so you can be your spouse’s dental consultant.

Describe how genetics might be the reason for gum recession which can lead to a severe case of periodontal disease. Let your hubby know drinking lots of sugary liquids can cause bacteria to form and cavities to pop up. Maybe it’s time to switch to clear sodas or water to quench his thirst. Make sure your husband understands periodontal disease can result in loss of teeth if left unattended and cavities can deteriorate teeth, creating sensitivity. When your husband understands the risks, he might call up the dentist to make an appointment right then and there.

3. Alberta Dental Fee Guide

The Alberta Dental Fee Guide is put in place to help patients have a regulated fee schedule for basic dentistry. Finding a dentist whose fees correspond to this guide will help keep your dental bill in check. Dentists who follow the guide provide dental services at the same rate as all other Alberta dental offices following the guide. Your spouse might be concerned about the costs of dental treatments. Let your husband know about the guide and help him find a dentist who follows it so can get his teeth fixed without worrying about exorbitant fees. If there is still a concern, ask about available financing options for dental treatments.

Attending dental appointments at least twice a year is crucial for a happy mouth with good oral health. Keep your teeth and gums in shape, your smile will thank you.

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