3 Innovative Ways to Make Dental Hygiene Fun for Kids

March 20, 2019

It’s hard to get your kids to brush their teeth. Want them to look forward to their dentist appointment? We have tips to make your children’s dental visit fun.

Making sure your kids brush their teeth is important for their health to avoid an explosion of gingival germs. Germs mingle together causing cavities, gum inflammation, and oral health issues. We know that brushing teeth is a chore to children and this means they will try to avoid it. How do you get your little ones to want to brush their teeth?

Teeth Games

Create a game out of brushing teeth by betting your children if they can guess the name of each tooth they brush. Not sure which tooth is which? We can help you distinguish a molar from an incisor. See if your toddler can beat you at having the cleanest teeth. Kids love playing games and like to win. These two games are perfect to play with them for their oral health. When your children have fun brushing their teeth, they will likely continue this habit later in life.

Adding Colour to Brushing

There are tons of choices on the market for toothbrushes. Go shopping with your kids and let them choose a toothbrush from an array of choices. From Disney themed toothbrushes to musical accompaniments, there is sure to be a fun oral hygiene wand to please their various personalities. Making a dental routine fun encourages your kids to take part in an important step to maintaining oral health.

How do you know what type of toothbrush is good for your children? As long as their toothbrush is soft bristled and comfortable for their size, it should be good. Children’s mouths are sensitive so choosing a soft textured toothbrush will lessen the risk of them rubbing the brush against their cheeks or injuring their gums. It is difficult for kids to reach those sneaky spots in their mouth that hold food particles. The best way for them to clean these areas is to find a brush that fits their comfort level. The right size brush is easily maneuvered inside their small mouth.

What if you want your children to have an electric toothbrush? Electric brushes are better for limiting cavity development. Many electric toothbrushes come with built-in timers. A timed brush ensures you get that perfectly timed dental clean. Make sure you get an electric toothbrush specifically designed for younger teeth and gums. They will generally have a small, soft head, ideal for the space in your children’s mouths. Electric toothbrushes often have bristles of higher quality.

Brush and Floss in Song

Singing can be tons of fun for kids, especially when doing something tedious. You can make brushing and flossing something your children can look forward to with a song about it. They can have fun rhyming and learn about their teeth. What rhymes with molar? Polar – like the bear. Check out YouTube for lots of great teeth brushing songs to play. The music will get in their head and by the end of the song, they will have succeeded in cleaning their teeth for the correct amount of time.

You may need to assist with the flossing routine. Flossing means your kids will feel great because they get rid of that annoying little piece of lettuce stuck in their teeth. Flossing prevents plaque from building up and leading to gum disease. Floss comes in a variety of flavours, so why not let them choose their floss too? Just remember, soft floss is often best for little ones to prevent any pain.

Want to make sure that new toothbrush you bought is right for your kids? Check with your children's dentist, who can help you decide on the proper dental tools for your children’s age and teeth. A visit to your dentist ensures your little one’s teeth stay clean and healthy.

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