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Dr. Sameet Gill is a registered Dentist and influential health care provider throughout Alberta. She graduated from Boston University’s Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine. Prior to completing her Doctorate, she obtained a Bachelor of Physical Science from the University of Alberta. As one of the co-founders of Peak Dental Group, Dr. Gill dedicates herself to her practice and the pursuit of the highest quality of dental care in the industry. As she continues to build new practices and innovative ways to ensure the legacy of her business, she sets precedence for many of her fellow associates who have begun taking on practices of their own.

Dr. Gill enjoys examining, diagnosing, and treating all dental facets however her focus is on pediatric and restorative dentistry. She has researched and implemented the most advanced technology in her clinics to provide optimal oral health care to you. 
As an dentist she believes in giving her patients a variety of prosthetic devices that allow her to reconstruct the most gorgeous smiles and stabilize the most complex situations.

Dr. Gill is originally from Edmonton, Alberta. Following the completion of her doctorate, she moved to Calgary where she began practicing. Being raised by a single-mother provided her with a genuine understanding of the complexities of family dynamics. She connects with her patients and their families all over the world. When she is not mentoring associates, managing the business and practicing dentistry, she is interested in international politics, current fashion, and interior design. Most of all, she enjoys spending time with her husband, friends, family, and her labradoodle, Polly.
Along with Cambrian Dental, Dr. Sameet Gill practices at Franklin Dental Centre and Stoney Trail Dental Clinics servicing Calgary and Fort McMurray.  Learn more about these dental clinics below. 
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