8 Orthodontic Services that will Straighten and Beautify Your Smile

February 16, 2022

Every Canadian needs good, first-rate dentistry services, the quality of your smile depends on it. And seeing as how much a happy and healthy life is connected to your oral health, it makes sense that finding these orthodontic dental services in your area should be a priority. At Cambrian Dental in Calgary, we provide a myriad of dental services to ensure your smile is at its best.

This post will be covering 8 of these services in detail. So be sure to thoroughly review the available options in order to select the appropriate dental service(s) that are best for you.

Cambrian Dental Services in Calgary

There are many dental treatment options available in Calgary for a wide variety of conditions. It doesn’t take much to find what you need for your particular circumstance. Many of the treatments available can remedy a plethora of dental issues, such as:

  • Speech impediments
  • Chipped or cracked teeth
  • Missing and crooked teeth
  • Jaw misalignments resulting in clicking or popping noises
  • Difficulty eating or swallowing, and more

And here at Cambrian Dental, we pride ourselves on providing quality services for many oral problems. View our services below to determine which ones are best for you.

1. Dental Brackets

Dental brackets consist of tiny squares made of ceramic metal that are attached and fastened to the fronts of your teeth. This is accomplished with a unique dental adhesive, or alternatively, orthodontic bands. Moreover, orthodontic brackets are an important aspect of conventional braces, and essentially play the role of “handles” holding the archwires that move your teeth.

2. Orthodontic Bands

Orthodontic bands supply an anchor for the fastened brackets, they are used to wrap every tooth. Orthodontic interarch elastic bands assist orthodontists with gripping your top teeth to your bottom teeth. This is to aid and support a variety of bite corrections.

Additionally, additive oral elastics can be used for orthopedic actions. Sporting rubber bands have the potential to enhance your chewing ability, as well as improve the quality of your smile over time.

3. Archwires

In its simplest explanation, this dental product is a set of wires fastened to your brackets; leading and guiding the movement of your teeth. Archwires gently nudge the teeth with soft yet persistent prodding that increases your comfort while also maximizing the effectiveness of the treatment itself. Furthermore, these archwires consist of materials such as certain alloys.

And each possesses its own benefits in certain stages of the treatment process, however, no individual alloy is appropriate for every stage within the procedure.

4. Ties

Simply put, ties are the thinly designed wires or tiny rubber rings that’s slender composition allows them to be fastened to the archwire to the brackets.

5. Buccal Tube

A buccal tube can be described as a tiny alloy material that is fused to a molar. The piece possesses slits that can keep the archwires – in addition to other components utilized to align teeth – in position. Rather than fusing the buccal tube to a molar, minimized implants can also be utilized as anchor points.

6. Small Elastic Bands or Ligatures

Used to hold archwires to brackets, these tailor-made rubber bands usually extend over small curves on the brackets from the upper and lower quadrants of your teeth. If properly and consistently worn, these little elastics can exert the steadfast pressure required to nudge your teeth into their proper position.

7. Springs

Springs are typically utilized by being positioned on the archwires in between the brackets in order to open, push, pull or close the gaps in between your teeth.

8. Elastics or Rubber Bands

Fastened to the hooks on brackets and sported in a variety of ways, elastics and rubber bands are positioned in between both your top and bottom teeth. Applying enough pressure on the top and bottom teeth in unison so you can reach the perfect fit for your teeth.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of your dental needs, Cambrian Dental is here to help. We provide numerous services to help you obtain a healthy, vibrant, and beautiful smile. The smile you’ve been dreaming of and waiting for can be yours, and it all begins with taking that first step of contacting us today to book an appointment.

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