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Do you have a medical concern you would like to speak with someone about? Are you looking for a family doctor for your next regular checkup? Cambrian Dental has in-house family doctors accepting new patients to help you get the treatment and answers you need.

Having your NW family doctor under the same roof as your dentist makes it easy and convenient to book back to back appointments. Whether you require an annual visit to a physician or a semi-annual visit to a dentist, it can all be completed in one location. Your personal information is kept private and confidential and answers to all your questions can be addressed, all while treating you with kindness and care. Your health is our top priority. Your child or spouse can all become patients at this Family practice located in the same office as Cambrian Dental.
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After getting to know you and your health history, our in-house family doctors will take care of your medical needs. We can aid you with anything from flu shots and general illness to circulation testing and lacerations.
If you need a specific treatment outside of our realm, we will refer you to a specialist. Your ultimate comfort, health and happiness is our top priority.

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We provide dentist and physician services for families, children, adults and the elderly, making sure everyone’s needs are met. Our professional dental and primary care team will get to know you so that you feel comfortable asking us questions and being in the dentist chair. Everything we provide is for you to have a good experience during your visit.
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